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About HPC

We have been serving the Heights community from this same corner for the past 113 years . We are a congregation that is passionate about helping our community. We have a community feeding on the last Sat. of every month, and we have a Thanskgiving dinner for anyone who needs a comfy meal on that special day. We love to sit and talk to the neighbors and hear their stories. We participate in White Linen Nights along with Mistle Toe Madness for the Heights area.

Our ladies of the church have been sewing quilts that are taken to the Childrens Assesment Center along with nursing homes as special gifts. They prepare sack lunches to have on hand for those that come knocking and need a meal.

This past year we have begun the rebuild of our sancuary and look forward to bigger and better things to come.

New Members Class: A new members class will begin soon. The classes  will be at held on Wed. at 2pm .If you wish to join please contact Pastor Lindsay